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Security Product Engineering

“Next Generation Technology to combat a new generation of threats”

Security Product Development

We have supplemented the development teams of our partners and on occasion have been the sole developers of their products or product components. Our product development experience includes:

  • Network security.
  • Web security.
  • Endpoint security.
  • Cloud securit

Malware and Threat Research

Our malware research enables our partners to devise defences and counterstrategies. Our malware research services include:

  • Discovering new attack strategies and threats
  • Harvesting malicious mobile applications and web sites for analysing malwar 
  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering
  • Signature development for malware
  • Developing machine learning based malware and insider threat detection strategies.

We have contributed to several patents on malware classification and authored security blogs for our partners documenting newly found attacks in certain app stores, cloud applications and adware.

Product Testing

We have acted as the QA and test team for our partners - in some cases supplementing their core in-house teams and in other cases owning the entire QA of their products. Our experience includes:

  • Product efficacy testing - e.g. detection accuracy. Investigation of false positives and false negatives
  • Product functional testing
  • Test automation