Despite increased spending on security products and solutions, more and more organizations continue to suffer breaches, with hackers and cyber criminals using ever more sophisticated techniques to by-pass defenses. Advanced attacks involve compromising networks and covering tracks in an effort to remain ‘invisible’. Organizations need to stop being reactive and instead adopting a proactive approach. A key part of this is the ability to continuously monitor and respond to threats in real-time.
With Ebryx Managed SOC service you get the capabilities of a modern day SOC at a fraction of the cost and without significant overheads associated with setting up an inhouse SOC. We offer flexible commercial models and deployment options to deliver information security monitoring, threat detection, incident response and threat hunting.

Proactive 24x7 Monitoring

Our SecOps team continuously monitors your enterprise network and cloud environments and identifies threats utilizing leading Security Information and Event Management System (SIEM) solutions.

Intrusion Detection for Modern Threats

Our security experts actively monitor your traffic and hosts, along with user and administrator activities, looking for anomalous behavior and known attack patterns. Intrusion detection covers enterprise network, endpoints and public cloud environments including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Investigation and Remediation

We investigate all incidents that appear to be suspicious and launch incident remediation measures in close coordination with your IT/DevOps team, working to contain the threat whilst ensuring minimal disruption to business activity. 

Threat Intelligence 

Our researchers augment third party intelligence feeds with threat information generated internally – for example, during incident response engagements carried out by our DFIR analysts. Additionally, they filter data to highlight specific threats relevant to our customers and their business interests. Threat intelligence plays a critical role in enhancing the detection capability of our Managed SOC service.

SIEM Management

Our SOC team manages and administers the SIEM including performance and health monitoring, building context driven correlation rules and use cases, and device provisioning and upgrades.



Managed SOC Service Models

Fully Managed SOC

For customers who do not have an in-house cybersecurity team Ebryx operates the SOC for such organizations remotely from one of our Security Operation Centers.

Co-Managed/Hybrid SOC

Maintain as much control and visibility as you like while outsourcing the remaining responsibilities to our SOC team. With Co-Managed/Hybrid SOC service by Ebryx, you can outsource specific cybersecurity functions or the ability to monitor SIEM alerts outside of normal business hours. The service offers flexibility and scalability as the organization’s cybersecurity needs grow resulting in incremental cost savings.

Value-Added Services

Customers can also benefit from our premium services to complement SOC capabilities.

Incident Response

Our DFIR team performs incident response and forensic analysis to determine the root cause of a breach, eradicate the threat completely and improve defenses to prevent future occurrences of similar intrusions. Incident response services are delivered remotely and in close coordination with the customer’s IT/DevOps team.

Threat Hunting 

Our Threat Hunting service is designed to help root-out threats from advanced adversaries capable of evading typical security prevention and monitoring controls. This includes sweeping the entire environment for latest Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) based upon Tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) from MITRE ATT&CK Framework , and reviewing the integrated telemetry and log sources. The service is delivered by leveraging both commercial and open-source hunting tools.

Why Should You Choose
Ebryx Managed SOC Services

Complete Coverage

Ebryx SOC service monitors, detects and responds to threats across all IT environments including enterprise networks, endpoints, and public & private cloud environments thus providing 360 degree security.

SIEM Agnostic Approach

Ebryx’ SOC team is certified and experienced with all leading SIEM solutions with the ability to work with your existing SIEM platform.

Transparent Service

Our customers have complete visibility into the current state of their security through:
  • Access to SIEM dashboards and event logs
  • Technical and executive reports, ticketing systems and active channel of communication such as Slack.

Simplifying Compliance

  • Gain security visibility of cloud and on-prem environments
  • Meet compliance requirements for asset inventory, log collection, threat detection and incident response
  • Automate essential security controls to maintain compliance and simplify risk management

Our Services.

360 Security Assessment

What is our 360 Security Assessment? It is a comprehensive review of your entire IT environment including system configurations, security policies and architecture, followed by vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We examine the oft-quoted pillars of People, Processes and Technology, giving you a clear picture of the existing state of play and working with you to identify areas for improvement. (…)    

Penetration Testing

A typical engagement comprises vulnerability assessment of the environment followed by external penetration testing. In addition to network penetration testing, our teams also carry out web and mobile application tests, going above and beyond industry standards and employing a mix of off-the-shelf and custom tools. Our deliverables include a list of vulnerabilities, exposure to threats and attacks, and remediation guidance. (…)   

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        Cybersecurity ServicesCloud SecuritySecurity Assessment ServicesTailored Security for StartupsTailored Security for StartupsSecurity R&DDetection and Response ServicesCustom EngineeringManaged SOCOtherIncident Readiness and Response

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