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We work behind the scenes with our clients helping them bring groundbreaking cybersecurity solutions to the market. Our cybersecurity research, development and testing services power leading Silicon Valley based cybersecurity tech companies as well as exciting new startups. Our experience spans multiple subdomains within cybersecurity including endpoint, network, web, mobile, cloud and IoT security. 

Security Product Development

Security R&D

Security Product Development

Partner with a team of security researchers, architects and engineers who can develop, manage and support cutting edge security solutions from concept to commercialization and beyond. We have supplemented client development teams or have been the sole developers of their security products or product components. Our security product development expertise include:
– Network Security
– Web Security
– Endpoint Security
– Cloud Security
– IoT Security

Security Product Testing

Security R&D

Security Product Testing

Thorough testing of solutions, especially cybersecurity products, is critical. Often engineering organizations are able to develop a cybersecurity product but struggle with implementing a rigorous testing cycle, due to a lack of relevant skills and domain knowledge. As a cybersecurity service provider and a cybersecurity engineering services shop, we are uniquely positioned to test your product as domain experts and provide value well beyond product testing. Our security product testing expertise include:
– Functional, Manual and Automated Testing
– Product Efficacy Testing
– Security Testing
– Stress, Performance and Load Testing

Malware Threat Research

Security R&D

Malware and Threat Research

Our malware research enables our partners to devise defences and counterstrategies. The research ranges from exploits and vulnerabilities to advanced malware and targeted attacks. Our malware research services include:   #Discovering new attack strategies and threats
#Harvesting malicious mobile applications and web sites for analysing malware 
#Malware analysis and reverse engineering 
#Signature development for malware 
#Developing machine learning based malware and insider threat detection strategies 
We have contributed to several patents on malware classification and authored security blogs for our partners documenting newly found attacks in certain app stores, cloud applications and adware.


When you’re looking to build and test your security solution, or augment it with quality threat research, you need someone who understands multiple disciplines in depth. Our leadership in both specialist security engineering and cybersecurity puts us in a unique place, helping you to successfully deliver on time and within budget. Lean on our experience and technical know-how.

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