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Enterprise IT and cloud environments are changing rapidly with addition of servers, laptops, wireless devices, web applications and cloud services almost on a daily basis. Software vendors are continuously releasing new versions of software and patches. New types of attacks and vulnerabilities are being uncovered continuously. It is difficult to keep up with all of this and ensure that the network, devices and web and cloud applications are not vulnerable to costly security compromises. 

We recommend continuous monitoring and vulnerability management through a service such as Ebryx Detection and Response Services as a best practice. However, organisations at times need a clearer picture of their current security posture before opting for a SOC service. We strongly advise such customers to start with security assessments to identify critical gaps and address them immediately.

Service Overview

Ebryx Security Assessment Services help you understand your current cybersecurity risk exposure throughout your organization. Besides the assessment of risk you get recommendations to remediate the vulnerabilities and threats. The service is based on industry best practices including NIST and SANS guidelines. 

Our services cover the following components of your IT environment

  • Enterprise Network
  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Web Applications and Services
  • Mobile Applications

Depending on the customer requirement we can assess any one or all of the components of their IT environment. 

Our security professional services include:

Cybersecurity Policy Review

  • Network and System configuration review
  • Data protection policy
  • Access control measures

Security Architecture Review

  • Defence-in-depth
  • Logical segregations
  • Evaluate security controls against business requirements

Penetration Testing

  • Identify and understand vulnerabilities in internal and external environment
  • Simulate actions of a malicious actor targeting infrastructure, applications and third party connections

Application Security Testing

  • Secure your applications through static and dynamic security analysis

Flexible Engagement

Customers can opt for an in-depth or a limited engagement depending on their requirement and budget. 

Enterprise Security Assessment

A comprehensive review of your IT environment to assess a system’s configuration, security policy and architecture followed by vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. Our deliverables include detailed findings, list of recommendations and implementation guidelines. 

Penetration Testing

A limited engagement comprising vulnerability assessment of the environment followed by external penetration testing. Our deliverables include a list of vulnerabilities, exposure to threats and attacks, and remediation guidance.

Service Delivery

Our services can be customized based on client requirements. This can be conducted for the whole IT environment or a specific component of it. You can avail the service on a one-time, periodic or continuous basis.

Our Methodology

The project management methodology followed by our team consists of the following phases:

Key Features and Benefits:

No Hassle:

  • Zero disruption to operations during security assessment activity 
  • Scans can be scheduled to further ease operations

Great Value:

  • Experienced team means recommendations are actionable with great impact on client’s IT security
  • Our team works with client IT team to further strengthen the security posture with technology and expertise

Best Practices:

  • Technology and techniques used by our team are in line with global best practices and guidelines including NIST, PTES and OWASP


  • Enterprises working in sectors where regulatory compliance mandates vulnerability assessment our service helps you meet this requirement

Our Services.

360 Security Assessment

What is our 360 Security Assessment? It is a comprehensive review of your entire IT environment including system configurations, security policies and architecture, followed by vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We examine the oft-quoted pillars of People, Processes and Technology, giving you a clear picture of the existing state of play and working with you to identify areas for improvement. (…)    

Penetration Testing

A typical engagement comprises vulnerability assessment of the environment followed by external penetration testing. In addition to network penetration testing, our teams also carry out web and mobile application tests, going above and beyond industry standards and employing a mix of off-the-shelf and custom tools. Our deliverables include a list of vulnerabilities, exposure to threats and attacks, and remediation guidance. (…)   

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