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Although it is critical to invest in shoring up defences, it is widely understood there is no concept of bullet proof security. The reality is that breaches have become common place, therefore it makes sense both to minimize the risk and prepare for a worst-case scenario. The latter encompasses incident readiness and response. 

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Our experts work closely with your IT or Security people, keeping abreast of security incidents. At the first sign of a breach, our  qualified incident response and forensics team springs into action, working to mitigate and eradicate the threat and ensuring any impact on operations is kept to a minimum. Once the incident is over, a thorough analysis and report lists potential areas of improvement along with specific recommendations. The Ebryx Incident Response service includes a retainer bucket, facilitating direct access and fast response from our team, as well as assistance in the form of custom IR playbooks, readiness assessment and breach response drills. We can help you lay down a strong incident readiness plan prior to any compromise. (…)    

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