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Vulnerability Management

360° Management of the Vulnerability Lifecycle

Robust vulnerability detection and management system for threats surfacing every day.

Matching pace with the latest vulnerabilities across your network, applications and databases can be a real security challenge. Our SOC team detects and remediates vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, using cutting-edge technology to minimize your risk exposure.

With the rise in attacks in recent years, vulnerabilities are increasingly prone to opening doors for threat actors. Identifying these is dependent on the accuracy of powerful internal and external audits for both on-site and cloud environments. Ebryx's experienced team of security analysts diminishes this burden from your security team.

Our resources are adept at streamlining vulnerability management procedures, implementing best practices and enabling you to enjoy continuous visibility across the enterprise environment.

Consistency coupled with a zero-gap approach to susceptibility

Security is at the heart of everything we do, and managing vulnerabilities on the go is a critical component of that ethos. Vulnerabilities are emerging almost daily across the network, application and database ecosystem. These can easily be exploitated by individuals with malicious intent, and mitigating these vulnerabilities is key to securing your corporate assets and information.

At the same time, continuously monitoring your entire infrastructure for vulnerabilities can be a labyrinthine task, and it also involves serious time, effort and cost implications. Our vulnerability management services monitor your internal and external environment to zoom in on vulnerabilities and take steps to close those gaps. Our experts partner with you to shed light on risk areas and simultaneously offer solutions to remediate them.

The results are manifold: constant scanning of your environment, better and deeper intelligence, enhanced remediation and improved compliance.