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Situational Awareness Applications

Location based end-to-end applications with real time data.

Enhance your customer experience through pro-active customer engagement.

Location-Based Services go hand-in-glove with today’s modern environment, especially in the case of mobile-savvy consumers in urban metropoles. Through our location based applications team, we enable SMBs and enterprises to respond to the growing needs for mobility in urban metropoles. The result is an entirely new level of mobile-enabled interaction with customers that reaps major benefits for businesses.

Our location-based solutions encompass a variety of different LBS methods to optimize your business operations

Business Locations

Enabling your customers to easily and quickly find the nearest store location. Also enable them to find products easily within the store.

Geo-Targeted Marketing

Display your ads within a targeted geographic area and increase your chances of immediately generating revenue.

Roadside Assistance

Especially effective for automotive service providers, reach your customers when and where they need help via location-based, real-time tracking apps.

Remote Workforce Management

For companies with significant amount of field or logistics-intensive responsibilities, our solutions allow you to track resources using their mobile device.

Combine the best of technology and consumer intelligence to deliver optimized business experiences via our location-based solutions. Our experience includes a mobile application that provides rapid access to place, event, deals and other information of interest in a user's vicinity or location of interest. We also enable businesses to use augmented reality for enabling enhanced consumer experiences, through a mobile application that uses QR codes to retrieve information about any product and also allows users to view video content related to it.