Mall Sage

Application to give mall visitors a rich shopping experience.

The Mall Sage application helps in providing enhanced shopping experiences to their customers that result in increased footfall and sales.

Mall Sage gives shoppers a delightful shopping experience helping them fully experience what the mall has to offer and saving them time and money. It helps retailers attract more shoppers and sell more. It helps mall owners generate new revenue streams and attract more shoppers.

Business anywhere with Point of Sale.

  • Increased customer footfall

  • Increased sales

  • Greater insights into shopper behavior through advanced analytics

  • Revenue augmentation through service charges from retailers (monthly service charge, in app advertising, targeted deals, etc.)

Find stores and products - fast and easy!

  • Showcase product catalogs

  • Promote store, brands and products through in-app advertising

  • Send targeted deals to customers based on profile, buying behavior and current location in the mall and in-store

Smarter Way To Do Shopping

  • Search and compare products cataloged by all retailers in the mall

  • Order online and collect from the store

  • Save time through in-mall and in-store navigation

  • Get great deals targeted specifically for them