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IR & Forensics

Deliver intelligent, informed, and appropriate incident responses.

Scalable response and forensics solutions to optimally manage incidents and ensure non-repetition.

A proper response to a cyber attack can often be the criterion between what could be just a brief interruption or turn into a major data breach. With Ebryx, you have access to a team that has years of experience in managing how to manage the forensic, IT operations and risk management aspects of a potential data compromise. The result is a drastic minimization of the impact of the incident.

Our team of industry veterans is trained to respond to any kind of security incident and do it rapidly. Based on years of experience, we have streamlined procedures in place to contain the damage and collect important forensic information that would ensure that such an incident is never repeated again.

A holistic approach based on deep intelligence

Ebryx helps organizations put a clear remedial procedures plan in place that ensures they know exactly what to do if a breach is identified. This timely action helps significantly reduce the costs of the breach to your company while simultaneously accelerating the maturity level across your enterprise. The challenge alot of entities face is trying to address every conceivable threat. Our experience and knowledge helps you solve that problem by crafting one strategy that is flexibile enough to respond and recover from a plethora of incidents. Our research and analysis arms us with the latest intelligence on threat perpetrators and their modus operandi, enabling you to benefit eventually. 

Ebryx Cyber Security Incident Response Teams launch rapid response to any breach to ensure minimal disruption and ensure business continuity.