Embedded Systems

Product development, integration, and service excellence. All under one roof.

Hardware and software engineering services to power mission-critical devices in a variety of industries.

Ebryx' embedded systems team has in-depth domain knowledge and expertise in the embedded systems space, ranging from concept to product launch. We have vast experience in providing end-to-end system expertise on a wide range of platforms from large scale infrastructural products to low cost embedded systems. 

We follow the Agile methodology, planning and conducting time-bound sprints to coordinate and manage all phases of embedded systems engineering resulting in a deterministic and reliable project outcome for our clients.

Our embedded systems prowess includes the following.

Software engineering services:

  • Embedded platform selection based on functional requirements.
  • Bare Metal Programming
  • Embedded Virtualization
  • RM Linux Platform Bring Up
  • RTOS Porting and Optimization
  • Embedded Firmware Development
  • LTE/LTE-A Stack Development
  • Device Driver Development

Ebryx is rightly positioned to help partners in coming up with a programmable and flexible hardware design.

Hardware engineering:

  • Mapping functional requirements to silicon
  • Simulation analysis of proposed hardware designs
  • Programming FPGAs, DPS, CPLDs and GPUs
  • Performance analysis using throughput, latency, bandwidth and related matrices.