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Building a product or solution can bring a host of challenges. For example, do you struggle to find the right technical expertise when managing a software development project? Is it sometimes a challenge to meet tight deadlines due to a shortage of available engineering resources? Or are you caught in a predicament where a restrictive budget prevents you from hiring the right quality and quantity of software developers? Can your development team make use of the latest industry best practices ensuring code is secure, but projects are still delivered on or before time?
Whatever your development project, whether an exciting new concept or a natural evolution to an existing solution, we are here to help.

Our experience spans a broad range of technical areas, industries and underlying technologies. We advise and assist organizations with their particular project, no matter the size and complexity involved. And we are adept at minimizing costs without compromising on the quality of software produced. Off load the whole project to us or bring in our expertise to augment your resources. Regardless of the model you decide to adopt, as a specialist engineering company with an international presence and a strong technical heritage, we’re confident we can add real value to help you get the job done. Read on to learn more about some of our key domains.

Full Stack Development

Custom Engineering

Full Stack Development

The Ebryx software development team has experience developing full stack applications utilizing technologies such as MEAN, MERN,  Java, Full-Stack Python and C#/
Our knowledgeable engineers can build your entire solution or work with your existing team to reduce the overall project duration or fill in the gaps requiring particular skills. (…)     

Data Science & Machine Learning​

Custom Engineering

Data Science & Machine Learning

If you’re looking to leverage the power of big data, we can help. Dealing with huge volumes of data, structured or unstructured, and finding ways to meaningfully process it and extract useful insights is often challenging. This is where we put data science and machine learning to work.
Based on the unique problem statements our customers bring to us, we build data models and design system architectures using existing well-known techniques.
And from a data warehousing perspective we can help deliver solutions that offer the true advantages of efficiency and scale.
Some of our projects in this domain include:
#Real-time analytics for mobile networks fault and performance data
#Big data stack for collecting network security events and performing analytics
#Geospatial analytics for
geocoding and Named Entity Recognition for place and business data obtained from multiple online sources
#SIEM offload: centralized log collection and anomaly detection application#Threat Intel Feed (TIF Generation platform): security threat signatures to enrich logs

Multimedia & Video Analytics

Custom Engineering

Multimedia and Video Analytics

We provide expertise in developing multimedia applications, integration with social media platforms and collaborative video recording and editing.
As an example, we have developed VIGILYX – a state-of-the-art product that helps understand human behavior in multiple physical environments, providing key insights that lead to resource optimization. The solution covers use cases and offers benefits across a range of industries: traffic control, marketing & advertisement enhancement, security staff coverage, indoor office space monitoring and so on.
Features of the platform include:
#Real time Analytics
#Subject Tracking across multiple cameras
#Zone Occupancy
#Absence Alerts
#Unauthorized Access Detection and Response
Location-Based Solutions

Custom Engineering

Location Based Solutions

We have experience building location based applications using Beacon Technology, a method involving small Bluetooth devices that send alerts to smartphones or other smart devices, helping to pinpoint an individual’s location and serving relevant proximity based content. Our team uses a mix of techniques and we have delivered solutions involving document retrieval, natural language processing (NLP) and clustering. (…)     
Cloud Based B2B Applications

Custom Engineering

Cloud Based B2B Applications

Build a digital experience through customer-oriented, cost-effective and reliable cloud solutions. We can deliver SaaS and DaaS solutions, along with private and managed cloud deployments.
Our projects in this domain include:
#Innovative telephony solution. Sole engineering team for a Red Herring Global 100 company that also won the Digital Marketing Association’s People’s Choice Innovation Award.
#Haven, a cloud based B2B logistics platform for managing large international supply chains, intended for ocean freight companies, primarily commodity traders, food suppliers, and consumer goods companies.
#Cloud-based platform for exchange of financial transactions between banks, merchants and consumers.
#True Data, a big data ad-tech platform for collecting, processing and displaying user data to advertising companies.

IoT and Embedded Engineering

Custom Engineering

IoT and Embedded Engineering

Our Embedded Services team has worked in the Automotive, Cyber Security, Networks and Wireless Communication industries. We provide services in setting up virtual machines using KVM, Xen and QEMU virtualization technologies.  We can undertake architectural enhancements, development of new features and performance analysis of embedded hypervisors, and we offer services in FPGA design, developing test-benches for DSP processor verification and hardware and software for automated control. 

Our Process.



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Our process starts with collecting your business, functional and non-functional requirements. Our goal is to correctly understand what winning looks like both for the business and target user (customers) of the intended solution.


Architecture &
UI/UX Design

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Our enterprise and solution architects review the requirements and design the solution which integrates with all existing technologies in the business while our UI/UX team focuses on proposing user interface and information flow.


Engineering & QA

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Our systems integration & development services deliver new solutions as well as fill the gaps in off-the-shelf products helping to achieve a seamless experience. Our application testing & QA functions cover the entire spectrum including security, performance & compliance.


App Support
& Maintenance

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We manage various applications, platforms, & products either built by us or by third parties & provide ongoing support for enhanced development, achieving scale and infrastructure driven benchmarks. We back this up with on demand support.

Key Features.

Advanced Skills

Advanced Skills

Full-stack, cross-platforms & novel applications, javascript technologies, cloud based technologies, web, mobile, desktop, and embedded technologies. 

High Performance

High Performance

Engineering team with a portfolio spanning a wide array of technologies and skills

Lean Startup Paradigm

Lean Startup Paradigm

Help companies through iterations of build-validate-pivot

strong commitment

Strong Commitment

Client success and a mindset of being part of a common mission

long term relationships

Long-term Relationships

History of successful long term relationships

one stop shop

One stop-shop

Development, testing and cyber security services under one roof.


We have years of experience working with clients of all sizes, across a broad range of projects involving diverse technologies. Our team is highly professional, devoting the same level of care, attention and detail to each project. Customers across the globe enjoy working with our engineers, depending on us to get the job done in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We form relationships that last, becoming trusted advisors and partners.

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