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Custom Engineering Solutions

The end-to-end provider of all your software and hardware engineering needs

Cloud Solutions

Leverage our breakthrough capabilities along your journey to the cloud. A comprehensive solutions portfolio and flexible deployment models are all you need to transform your enterprise into a more agile one. Our experience is global and approach is contextualized to each client's requirements.

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Enterprise Applications

Our enterprise application solutions are the outcome of decades of cross-industry experience and technical competence. We offer futuristic enterprise application development and integration solutions that are scalable and adaptive to the latest trends such as cloud and virtualization.

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Mobility Solutions

The rise of mobile is the most impactful disruption to business since full-scale proliferation of the net. We enable you to use mobility to your advantage and move as quickly as the market demands in this age of astonishing transformation. Work with professionals that believe in the power of mobile as much as your business depends on it.

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Web Solutions

In a world where digital has become the difference between those who lead and those who follow, our experience in the web solutions domain can position you for early advantages. We believe in offering experiences via the web, not just information. Armed with a plethora of platforms and technologies, we'll help you engage customers just the way you envision.

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Q&A and Testing Service

A brilliant overlap of technical excellence with the QA & testing technologies and frameworks will enable you to enjoy faster time-to-market and avoid the traditional pitfalls along the product development journey. We deliver results via the automation and optimization of testing processes, leveraging our extensive operational knowledge to reduce time and identify issues early.

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Big Data and Machine Learning

Get faster access to insights that really matter and impact your business from a jungle of data. Our big data specialists will enable you to stop worrying about how to deal with massive data and focus on decision-making to drive business excellence.

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Embedded Systems

As businesses are challenged to achieve the next level of device integration while controlling cost and complexity issues, a blend of innovation and experience is the way to go. Enjoy futuristic embedded software and systems solutions from professionals that have given the ww.orld something ne

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Situational Awareness Applications

Utilize the power of location-based solutions from Ebryx to guide customers and have them walking through your front door. Converting mobile users into your customers has never been this easy as you deliver on their imagination through our engineering prowess.

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