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Continuous Monitoring

Relentless and eagle-eyed pursuit of threats.

Diminish risk via non-stop monitoring. Find vulnerabilities and neutralize them preemptively.

When facing the prospect of continuous threats, sporadic security analysis or monitoring will rarely uncover any sophisticated attack that may lurk deep beneath the surface. In order to neutralize potential threats before they even have a chance to sabotage your operations, continuous monitoring is necessary.

Ebryx provides continuous monitoring services to uphold the security posture of your enterprise environment. Using holistic processes and automation tools, we provide organizations a viable alternative to the traditional assessment process with unceasing monitoring of security systems. The result is a rapid approach to security and enhanced situational awareness.

Continuous security through a reliable partner

In order to effectively protect your environment, your network security protocols should be able to determine and neutralize any threat, prohibit operational disruption and safeguard the integrity of applications and data. Ebryx' continuous monitoring practice offers a scalable solution that holistically covers the security of all devices and networks. This results in minimal impact on technical staff for scanning & remediation, and accurate results that eliminate false positives along the way.

Our continuous monitoring prowess has helped protect the network perimeter of various enterprises worldwide, most of whom have experienced a transformation of the traditionally static perimeter into a more distributed and increasingly dynamic one, owing to disruptions such as cloud and virtualization. Continuous insight into such a perimeter is the only way to completely fortifying it. With Ebryx, you get to enjoy 

  • Real-time strategic insight into risk by certified professionals
  • Streamlined processes for continuous monitoring and deeper assessment
  • Preemptively mitigate risk by minimizing vulnerability exploitation time-frames