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Campus scan

Learn about your campus by just pointing your phone at it.

A hyperlocal situational awareness application to give users information.

Campus Scan is a hyper-local and context aware application that uses Fast Information Retrieval (FaIR) technology to provide a seamless experience to the users, whether they are in the dorms or going around campus. The application gleans data from proprietary and 3rd party sources and presents it to the user in real-time using Big Data and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

  • Campus Scan enables users to go around university campus in a smart way

  • Users can quickly obtain accurate information about places and events taking places on the campus

  • University management can use the application for information dissemination

With Campus Scan, you get the following features:

Beam Mode

Beam mode allows you to search buildings, places, events and announcements on campus. Users have the ability to view the website of an academic facility within the university, or any other facility, from within the app.

Bird’s Eye

In the bird’s eye view all places on the map are marked with an appropriate symbol and the user can swipe Left or Right to scroll between places marked on the map.

Events and Announcements

Using this feature the user can view events taking place around campus and university announcements specific to departments, dorms and other places on campus.

Bookmarks and Check-Ins

Campus Scan allows the user to bookmark places of interest for easy access to information in future. The user can also Check-in™ into places on Foursquare and view information associated with each checked-in place.

Walk Score®

The application assists the user in walking on campus by calculating Walk Score® between locations which are displayed as a heat-map.


The application allows social media participation through the Twitter platform by marking all places in the campus area with twitter mentions in the map.