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Big Data and Machine Learning

Producing real business value from humongous amounts of data to develop strategic insights.

Big data has become one of the defining elements in the digital age for organizations. Let us use your data to help you make smart business decisions.

Ensuring customer-orientation in a digital world has become a key business driver for several industries across the globe. Customers today expect personalized service and to remain informed across the many touch-points they use to interact with a company. Delivering better customer experience in a multi-channel environment has become easier by leveraging the power of big data to make better business decisions.

At Ebryx, our big data professionals will help you create value by enabling deeper understanding of customer behavior, preferences and demographics; all through making sense out of big data. In a data-driven world, we give you greater access to data and the agility to drive logical decision making.

Easily make bigger sense out of bigger data

We equip organizations with the necessary big data expertise & techniques to gather any data and enable better insights for decisions makers. We provide data warehousing solutions that provide advantages of efficiency and scale, eventually providing for a more structured approach to data analysis.

In this age of the knowledge economy, data is one of key organizational assets. We help you take a more proactive approach to managing data and thus develop a competitive edge in your industry.

Our cutting-edge experienc in the big data practice area includes real-time analytics for mobile networks fault and performance data. In the information security field, we specialize in big data stack for collecting network security events and performing analytics. Our engineering talent has hands-on experience in geospatial analytics for geocoding, and Named Entity Recognition for place and business data obtained from multiple online sources.