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Active Threat Hunting

Proactively take control of your security.

Leverage our holistic threat intelligence capabilities to hunt down predators before they even have a chance to attack.

A secure network is the shortcut to business growth and stability. Yet still, maintaining the robustness of your network is an uphill task as you expand your business reach in a globalized environment.

Evolving business models revolving around the rise of mobility and cloud resources are increasing the complexity of corporate networks. This has given way to a new threat landscape that quickly changes modes to find gaps in security defenses.

Ebryx'sActive Threat Hunting services are the next level in detection. Turn the tables on attackers by combining best of breed knowledge and technology to proactively disrupt hidden threats. In a threat landscape where time and complexity may not always be on your side, our experts will be there to actively scan for potential compromise instead of waiting for the routine alert to spring up.

Novel approach to threat hunting

At Ebryx, our security analysts keep key goals in perspective when designing a threat hunting program for your organization. Their priority is to provide preemptive and targeted detection of threats before a breach can occur. This not only deepens your own defense, but makes it progressively difficult for adversaries to conduct any attack against your environment. Finally, our threat hunting teams enable you to gain enhanced visibility into any susceptibilities, for charting immediate as well as future course of action.

  • Attacks and breaches are detected at an early stage of their lifecycle
  • Minimal impact and duration of a security breach
  • Eradicate advance persistent threat (APT)